Are you ready to change your life?

Carolyn’s Fitness and Yoga is a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment where the focus is on you. Nestled in Aptos and serving all of Santa Cruz, the studio is well equipped to accommodate your goals for health, wellness and simply feeling better.

Carolyn Albanese instructs and implements functional movement patterns to educate and empower her clients so that they can achieve your fitness goals.

  •     Personalized Fitness Training
  •     Yoga Instruction
  •     Functional Development

The open floor plan allows plenty of room to move and stretch.

The equipment available includes:

  •     Functional Training Center
  •     Suspension Trainer
  •     Treadmill
  •     Stationary Bike Leg Press
  •     Complete Dumbbell Rack
  •     Balance
  •     Yoga Props

With all of these available tools the emphasis is on core strength and functional exercise that promotes posture and imprints positive movement patterns.

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Functional Exercises

I can’t overpraise Carolyn’s Fitness and Yoga. The  studio is airy and well equipped  and surrounded by trees, which creating a relaxed atmosphere. Carolyn is totally professional and extremely well qualified,  at the same time , welcoming. friendly and reassuring. She understands the individual client’s problems, and tailors the sessions to their special needs. I feel better after every session and look forward to the next.
– Alice G., Aptos

Carolyn IS the best.  Low impact exercises designed to improve flexibility and mobility.  Especially good routines for the computer generation – those who sit at computers much of the day.  What Carolyn offers is not your typical gym trainer -very different than Crossfit or any other club type trainer.  I agree with all that Gary has to say and more.  If you want to feel better, see Carolyn.  If you want to improve your “core” strength see Carolyn.  If you want to improve balance and flexibility, see Carolyn.  Just give her a try, you won’t be disappointed.
 – Greg S., Aptos

Personal Fitness Training

Improve balance, flexibility

Carolyn is very professional and I love working with her. My body always feels healthier after spending and hour with her. I am in the health field myself, and I know she has a gift for healing. I highly recommend her for welness. She is prevention oriented and continues to educate herself to help her clients. She is the BEST!
- Kathy, Aptos