Carolyn’s approach to fitness is simple. After discussing your health concerns we will assess your physical needs and develop a routine with just the right amount of work to initiate positive change. Carolyn Thompson will help you develop core strength which will provide the structural integrity to progress you at a natural pace that feels good. Carolyn’s  services include program design for

  •     Strength
  •     Flexibility
  •     Balance
  •     Cardiovascular health

Your specific program would be designed for you based on all of the details of your life

  •     Age
  •     Daily Routine
  •     Job
  •     Hobbies
  •     Injuries (past and present) if any
  •     Therapeutic Needs
  •     Spine related issues
  •     And much more…

Carolyn will give you the tools and teach you movement patterns to stay injury and pain free the rest of your life.

  •     Energy System Development
  •     Core Strength
  •     TRX Suspension Training
  •     Yoga
  •     Older Adult Programs
  •     Neuro-muscular Re-Education

Whether you are experienced with exercise or a novice, the investment of your time with Carolyn’s Fitness and Yoga will ultimately pay off, as your outlook on life, health, and fitness will be greatly enhanced by freedom of movement through flexibility, strength, and an overall sense of well being. You will enjoy becoming more fit and informed about your health. Call or email to set up your appointment today!

Carolyn’s the best personal trainer ever! Super encouraging, she tailors each workout to suit the condition of YOUR body, not her idea of where you SHOULD be!  That’s the ‘personal’ in ‘personal trainer’.  By doing this she prevents injuries. She is also an expert in the TRX ‘suspension’ system, probably the simplest, most effective workout system ever!  Gary Silberstein

Santa Cruz

I recently started working with Carolyn to heal a running injury and prepare for the triathlon season.  She focused on the needs of my body, helped with much needed flexibility as well as core strengthening, and showed me, in a drawn detail, the exercises I was to do at home.  The result was a great triathlon, free of my running injury.  I believe that without her help, I would not be running at this time.   Whatever your goals, needs, or fitness level, Carolyn is a great personal trainer.  


Santa Cruz

Carolyn is very knowledgeable and skilled at her craft. She is very observant and patient. When we work together I know she is observing every move and makes suggestions that correct and improve what I’m doing. And, she has a keen sense of tailoring exercises that are appropriate.    

Madhu M. Brodkey